July 23, 2024


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Basic Tips For Purchasing Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

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For quite some time now has become the fashionable substitute to real diamond jewelry as educated consumers are realizing the beauty and high quality of jewelry that is available in today’s marketplace. You can finally make your dreams come true with the perfect engagement ring, wedding set or any style of jewelry by purchasing the same look and quality as fine mined diamond jewelry with a significant savings in cost. High quality Cubic Zirconia jewelry that is set in 14k gold, 18k gold or platinum mountings cost a fraction of what the same item would be if made with genuine mined diamonds. If no one can tell the difference, how can you justify spending thousands of dollars more on diamonds jewelry? More and more people are realizing that once they weigh the cost versus benefit of cubic zirconia jewelry over diamond jewelry the zirconia jewelry option offers so much more in benefits.

Although there is not a sanctioned or recognized grading scale for jewelry, there are different types that are available in the retail marketplace. The finest Zirconia stones available are made utilizing the Russian formula which are then hand cut and hand polished by experienced and discriminating diamond cutters to precise diamond standards and specifications. A high quality jewelry will display and reveal qualities of fine diamonds in color, cut and clarity, unmatched by any other conventional grades of Cubic Zirconia. When an expertly set high quality jewelry is set into a fine diamond quality mounting, the finished piece is one that will challenge any ring or piece of jewelry of the same quality that is set with a real diamond. Custom made designs are also a wonderful option for many customers.

Once you decide where you will make your purchase you will need to decide on the size and cut of Cubic Zirconia that will fit into your lifestyle. A variety of jewelry shapes available are round (also known as brilliant cut), princess cut, oval, marquis, heart, pear, trillion cut, emerald radiant cut, emerald step cut, asscher cut, cushion cut as well as various custom shapes that can be cut. The carat size you choose should depend on the size of Cubic Zirconia that will not be questioned by people that know your lifestyle. In other words, you should match the carat size. You choose to the price you would pay for a real high quality diamond. Always try to purchase a high quality piece diamond set jewelry, your friends, family, and others will perceive it to be real diamond jewelry.

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