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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures For the Face

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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for the Face – Regain Your Radiant Look

Cosmetic surgery procedures for the face are popular among both men and women. A person may opt for cosmetic surgery for reasons such as:

o To improve or eliminate facial lines.
o To get rid of unwanted, or excess facial fat.
o To restore youthful contours in areas that have lost fullness and volume where fat has been lost over time.
o To treat scars or acne, pigmentation problems.
o To remove facial hair.
o To make their face look younger and more refreshed.

There’s Sure to be a Solution for You

These are some of the most popular cosmetic surgical and non-surgical procedures for the face:

o Face Lift/rhytidectomy – is done to reposition loose facial fat and skin over the facial muscles. Any excess skin or fat is also removed to provide a rested, natural, and rejuvenated face with improved contour of the neck, jawline and cheek area.

o Smartlipo Liposuction – This delicate procedure can be done to correct a double chin or to get rid of small fat deposits on the face and neck.

o Blepharoplasty – can correct problems such as droopy eyelids, dark shadows, surplus fatty deposits, hanging skin, bags or circles under the eyes, and fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids. The surgery can be done for the upper and lower eyelids.

o Otoplasty – improves the shape, position or proportion of your ears.

o BOTOX Cosmetic┬« – This non-invasive treatment to treat facial wrinkles continues to be the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure. BOTOX┬« is a highly purified variety of the botulinum toxin type A. Small amounts are injected in the muscles between the brows to reduce the movement of these muscles that cause the appearance of unattractive frown lines that can give you a harsh, angry, or tired look. BOTOX can also be administered safely to other troublesome expression wrinkles such as in the forehead or outer eye area. The treatment is quick and easy with no downtime and the results last for up to 4 months.

o Dermal Fillers – serve the purpose of filling lines, improving folds and wrinkles, and providing fullness to the lips or cheeks. These fillers can be natural or synthetic. They smooth out wrinkles by replacing skin components that have been lost through the natural aging process.

o Chemical Peels – Chemical peels, derma-peeling, or chemexfoliation is a procedure done on the face, hands or neck to improve sun damaged skin, blotches, acne scarring, age spots, and under eye lines. It involves the application of acid to the skin to slough off of the top skin layers and expose the new skin underneath.

o Photorejuvenation – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a highly effective treatment used to improve hyperpigmentation, brown spots, age spots, rosacea, spider veins of the face, birthmarks, and face blemishes.

Improve Your Self Esteem and Regain Your Confidence

If you feel that any facial characteristic is diminishing your self-esteem or is putting your confidence to a test, consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to learn if any of the many available cosmetic surgery procedures for facial enhancement and rejuvenation are right for you. Feel happy and proud about your face! Because when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, it can help you exude confidence, both at home and in the workplace.

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