July 23, 2024


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Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – Affordable and Classy

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Cubic Zirconia jewelry is the all new rage is the market of fashion jewelry these days. Cubic Zirconia (often abbreviated as CZ) stones resemble diamonds in their structure and looks. As a result, these are often used by jewelers to create replicas of original diamond jewelry. Customers can get this type of jewelry for a fraction of the price that they would have to pay to get diamond jewelry of similar type. Thus customers who cannot afford diamond jewelry can at least get something of similar looks within their limited budget.

Jewelers are using cubic zirconia stones with sterling silver bases to create magic these days. The jewelry worn by many celebrities are getting replicated using cubic zirconia and sterling silver. People who crave for celebrity jewelry can purchase those at a small fraction of the price of the original products. This has made the dreams of many customers come true without burning holes in their purses.

Cubic zirconia is a hard stone that lasts for years. Sterling silver is also known to exhibit good resistance towards corrosion under normal circumstances. This makes the final products pretty durable and long lasting. A customer purchasing a cubic zirconia ornament can expect it to last for years.

CZ stones are available in various colors. The most popular is, however, the colorless variety. Since real diamonds seldom come in completely clear variety, the clear CZ stones have gained substantial popularity among certain classes of customers who prefer to match jewelry with clear stones with their ensembles. CZ stones can also be made to take almost any color as per requirement, thus making those very versatile in application. By virtue of this property, jewelry made of CZ stones can match any outfit worn by the customer. Thus these are widely in demand among people of high society as well. In fact, many celebrities are switching to CZ jewelry these days in order to match those with their extensive wardrobes.

Sets of CZ jewelry in sterling silver or any other metal can make valuable additions to anyone’s jewelry collection and spice up almost any ensemble. For instance, a gold necklace set with bluish white CZ crystals and a gold bracelet studded with clear CZ crystals would look heavenly with a white evening gown. Again, a sterling silver bracelet studded with blue CZ crystals when coupled with blue jeans would look perfectly hip and trendy. Thus cubic zirconia jewelry can make perfect additions to any woman’s jewelry collection. The affordable price tag only serves to make these all the more attractive to shoppers of all ages.

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