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Diamond is April’s Birthstone – and diamonds are still hard to trace — Sharon Z Jewelry

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Diamond is April's Birthstone - and diamonds are still hard to trace — Sharon Z Jewelry

This put up originally appeared as a publication to my record on April 12, 2022.

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Which is why I’ll be expending April speaking all about them to folks on my e-newsletter listing. The good, the terrible, the why.

Let us keep 1 truth at the top of this put up:

This technique for sourcing diamonds that we are currently functioning in is unfair.

Sometimes in get to fix a difficulty, it can help to acknowledge that the challenge exists in the to start with spot.

When you are operating in a method that is thoroughly weighted versus both of those impartial designers and their shoppers, it can make it that a lot more difficult to make the tricky ethical selections.

After all, when a identify redacted substantial jewellery corporation would make a declare about using only certified Kimberley Approach diamonds, for those of us who try to be transparent about the serious selections, it can make us seem lousy.

I know quite a few of us keep ourselves accountable for managing ethical enterprises, and for using ethical sourcing, but we do not have the very same access to sources that corporations do. We also will not have a procedure that really traces diamonds from the mines to our inventory.

As substantially as we may want to be assured of the ethics of our diamonds resources, certainly the most that we can say is “to the best of our expertise”.

And it can be challenging to use this stage of honesty. We dread that clients will run off, or not feel us, or not listen to and fully grasp us.

Understanding that the system is not truthful does not absolve us of our collective duty, although. We can still ask issues of our suppliers*, we can continue to question the hard questions of ourselves so that we can make tiny but significant alterations.

Envision for a minute what would it do for all of the field if even a portion of us started out shifting our source chains to use far more Fairmined metals? What would it do for the market if even a portion of us started out sourcing more mine-to-industry gemstones? What would a fairer process glance like for all of us? What would it appear like if far more of us began asking issues and getting far more transparent?

I imagine it might glimpse like a superior, fairer business.


Sharon Z


* clip-archive scroll down this web site to the discuss about Supplier Discussions in Observe to get an thought of what inquiring queries can deliver.

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