April 19, 2024


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I’m a fashion expert – you can make 56 outfits out of just 8 items of clothing

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STATEMENT pieces are special, but when it comes to making the most out of your wardrobe, basics are what you need.

One style expert explains that you only need eight clothing items to make outfits that will last you months.

Style queen Mikayla proves you only need 8 clothing items


Style queen Mikayla proves you only need 8 clothing itemsCredit: TikTok / miks_tiks

Digging in your closet for outfit inspiration each day can be exhausting.

You may think you’re going to want to wear a pair of patterned pants, but solid jeans often end up being more practical.

The issue with purchasing unique clothing items is that you run the risk of getting sick of them quicker.

TikTok fashion influencer Mikayla is a pro when it comes to making the most out of the clothes she has.

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In a recent video of hers, Mikayla shows viewers that staple pieces are the way to go.

Mikayla made the video in response to a previous comment about how five different bottoms, and five different tops, can make 25 different outfits.

This video features her describing 56 different outfits you can make out of just eight clothing items.

“If you always feel like you have nothing to wear, the key to a functional wardrobe and always having something to wear is to have good basics that are cohesive with each other,” she says.

Mikayla starts by listing the eight clothing items and two pairs of shoes.

The suggestions she gives are versatile as they can be worn in spring, summer, and fall.

For bottoms, she says all you need is a pair of tan cargo pants, denim shorts, and a white skirt.

Mikayla only suggests one dress option; a multicolored tube dress.

Next, the tops you need are a black corset, a tan basic tank top, a white baby tee, and a white button-up.

Mikayla also urges viewers to invest in cream dad-style sneakers and white slides.

Your wardrobe doesn't need to be large when you have the best basics


Your wardrobe doesn’t need to be large when you have the best basicsCredit: TikTok / miks_tiks

Mikayla then moves on to describe the different outfit options you have with just the three bottoms.

“For each of the bottoms, I can obviously do all four tops, which is already 12 outfits right there,” she says.

Then, since one of the top options is a button-up, you can also pair that with the rest of the three tops for each of the bottom options.

This makes seven different top options for each bottom.

With just these outfit suggestions, you have enough outfits for a few weeks


With just these outfit suggestions, you have enough outfits for a few weeksCredit: TikTok / miks_tiks

The dress can either be worn on its own, with the button-up open or with the button-up closed.

However, since the dress is tube style, you can also wear it as a skirt.

If you do this, then you can pair it with just the tank top, the baby tee, the tank top with the button-up, or the baby tee with the button-up.

Again, the button-up can be worn open or closed.

This makes seven different options for each of the bottoms and the dress, making your total options 28.

Yet because she included the shoe suggestions, you double your amount of outfit options since you can wear them with either shoe option.

Mikayla’s viewers were shocked by all the different combinations and took to the comments to beg her to try them all on.

One person wrote: “show us the combinations on,” while another commented, “this is the most helpful video I’ve ever seen.”