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Beauty & Personal Care – Market Research Insights

Personal care is consequential for fitness, the shape of the body, and social reasons. It necessitates keeping all body parts clean to contain the germs spread and sickness. Your cleanliness serves your health and influences the lives of people encompassing you as well. Personal care is decisive for our image in society since folks learn about others through their appearance and maintenance. Considering it includes routine body cleaning and care for oneself, it diminishes the risks of body odor and possibilities of humiliation at work. In the United States, people appreciate the benefits of personal care products and use self-care products to maintain themselves. There are a plethora of products being used for personal care such as shampoos, soaps, body wash, face wash, moisturizers, perfumeries, deodorants, toothpaste, sunscreens, facial and eye makeup, nail paints and the like. However, some are categorized as drugs. Skin protectants, like lip balms and diaper lotions, mouthwashes sold with healing claims, deodorizers, and remedies for acne or dandruff.  

Personal care brands in US

There are ample personal care brands which provide all types of beautifiers and personal care products. Among them Olay (anti aging skin care products), Dove (Body wash for men and women), Oral-B (electric toothbrush), Pantene (shampoo and conditioner), Nair (hair removal), Old spice (Men’s deodorants), Aveeno/Dove, Neutrogena (Facial cleanser), Covergirl (Foundation), Clairol (hair color brand), Revlon (Lip color), Chapstick (Lip balm), Maybelline (Mascara), Old Spice, Gillette, Listerine, Sensodyne, Head & Shoulders, Always (Pads/liners), Tampax ( Tampons), Crest (Tooth paste and tooth whitening), Secret (women’s deodorants) are the popular ones. All the brands provide diverse products to fulfill the needs of their consumers.

Personal care products industry in US

As personal care products is a general notion, that covers everything from pharmacies and drugstores to markets which practices in vending of health and personal care products is a general notion, that covers everything from pharmacies and drugstores to markets practices in the vending of health products, such as supplements and vitamins along with the self-care and beauty products. The line between healthcare and the self-care market is more indistinct in the United States than in Europe as local chain repositories like Walmart and Walgreens also offer pharmacy assistance and fulfill prescriptions and provide a great range of beautifiers and personal care products. In addition to the plethora of substantial advantages, personal care businesses offer to users, beautifiers and personal care goods production are undeviatingly efficient for generating jobs in American. 

The beauty and personal care goods industry operated the biggest part in the U.S. in virtue of the distribution channel. All kinds of products are available at one-stop at affordable rates that’s why people prefer to maintain themselves. With the advancement in technology, most of the sales of health and personal care products are held online. People put in orders and pay for the respective product and then collect the item from the selected store. Some stores offer online delivery of the product and charge for this service. And the growth of the Beauty and personal care products industry was estimated at $81.1 billion in 2019 and predicted to reach $128.7 billion by 2030.