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Petite Bra Shopping 101: Things You Didn’t Know

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For many women, scheduling an appointment for a root canal sounds less intimidating than shopping for a new bra. That is because finding the perfect fit is notoriously difficult, especially for petite women or those with smaller than average chests. However, the process doesn’t have to be embarrassing, frustrating, or painful when women follow the tips outlined below. Hopefully, these tips are helpful enough that women are willing to stock up on several bras to have on hand for different occasions.

Body Type is Just as Important as Size

It’s easy enough for women to determine their bra size by encircling their chest with a soft measuring tape or asking a salesperson to do it for them. Knowing their breast and body shape can be a bit trickier, according to Lee Stabert of Today Style.

For example, one woman may be tall and have breasts that make a flat silhouette while another is short and ample in the chest area. The most important thing women can do when selecting a new bra is to ensure that it flatters their bust line. Women with a full bust don’t want to choose a bra that has any excess fabric. When worn under a shirt, it is likely to bunch up and draw attention that she doesn’t want.

Remember That Breasts Change

One thing that women often fail to consider is that their breasts change over time. Pregnancy, nursing, and the normal aging process can significantly alter the size and appearance of the breasts. After trying on and purchasing a bra, Stabert recommends wearing it on the loosest hook available. Continued use causes the elastic in the band of the bra to stretch, which means that the woman wearing it can eventually select hooks that make for a tighter fit.

Women need to be willing to replace a bra when it starts to feel uncomfortable rather than trying to force a poor fit. Although she may not realize it, the size and shape of her breasts may have changed since she first purchased the bra. Fuller-figured women may need to replace their bras as often as every four months while those in a B or C cup can often go up to 18 months between new bra purchases. (Source: Today Style)

Pay Attention to the Materials in the Bra

All women want to know that the bra they just bought will fit them well, especially when they made the purchase online. An important factor to keep in mind is that the fabric the bra is made from makes a big difference in fit and comfort. If the fabric in the band of the bra is inflexible, women are safe to assume they should purchase a bra that is at least one size larger. Also, every bra is manufactured with a different cut. If it is extra lacy or is designed to show cleavage, it’s going to fit different than something that is appropriate to wear to work. (Source: LuLa Lu Blog)

Lastly, bra shoppers need to remember that every brand sizes its bras differently. Someone who wears a 36B in one brand may need to buy a bra with a larger cup size and chest circumference in another brand.


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