June 21, 2024


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Red and White Sarees: Celebrate Durga Puja the Traditional Way

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Every year Durga Puja is eagerly awaited by Indians, since this festival spanning over 4-5 days calls for much celebration. Even though Durga Puja is grandly celebrated in West Bengal, it is equally popular in several other places in India as well. Durga Puja Shopping remains a major shopping activity amongst Indians where they splurge on ethnic and gorgeous Indian Outfits.

Durgga Puja celebration in West Bengal is breathtakingly beautiful, to say the least. Magnificent Durga Puja pandals, impressive idols of Goddess Durga, elaborate rituals, scrumptious food and gorgeous clothes contribute in making Durgga Puja a grand spectacle that it is. Since Durga Pujaa is a traditional festival, the choice of outfits tends to be traditional too. Irrespective of the plethora of stylish and fashionable Designer Outfits that women are spotted in nowadays, during Durgga Puja almost every woman is found draped in a traditional Indian Saree. Amongst all the varieties of traditional Indian Sarees, traditional Bengali red and white Sarees are most preferred during Durga Puja.

It is almost a tradition to drape a red and white Saree during Ashtami morning and worship Goddess Durga. Bengali women follow this practice of draping a Saree in shades of white or beige featuring red border during Durga Pujaa, since along with being a tradition it has also become a sort of style trend for Durga Pujaa. Red and white Sarees in Bengal cotton known as Bengal Tant Sarees are the most conventional types that are opted for Durga Pujaa. Alternatively red and white Sarees in varieties of silk such as pure silk, Benarasi silk, Poochampally silk, Kanjeevaram silk, etc are chosen when a gorgeous look is desired. At the same time, due to the wide preference for Designer Sarees, red and white Designer Sarees are also a popular choice for Durgga Puja. Sarees in shades of white, cream or beige featuring heavily embellished red or maroon borders indeed make a woman look gorgeous befitting the grandeur of Durgga Puja celebrations!

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