June 17, 2024


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The Great Advantages of Imitation Jewelry Over Real Jewelry

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Most of us own a few pieces of real gold or silver jewelry, or pieces with precious faceted stones. Naturally they are beautiful and we do appreciate them but the truth of the matter is that if they are worn to certain events and places, they can make you the target of a mugging so that thieves can rob you of your precious items. At home, they can also make you vulnerable unless you are wise enough to keep them out of sight and locked up in a safe no-one knows about.

There are many beautiful imitation pieces available today and in fact, they have become very trendy. At the moment links and links of chains are fashionable and they certainly are not made from expensive materials. No-one knows whether you wear fake or costume jewelry after all, so why worry? Unless the piece has been given to you as a wedding ring, gift of appreciation such as a gold bracelet or eternity ring I would certainly not go to the trouble of collecting real pieces.

Have you ever tried selling a gold ring? If not, give it a try. You may find that it has devalued with the present economy and perhaps you will not be able to get what it is worth. On the other hand if you have antique jewelry which has been in the family for years having been handed down through generations, you want to preserve those in a safe and even your own real jewelry to hand down to your own children and grandchildren.

The advantage of fake pearls, precious stones, fake or plated gold and silver is that you will be able to afford to wear for example pearls of various shades to suit your outfits and can keep changing your pieces to suit your wardrobe. It is the thing to do these days and there is no need to feel ashamed that the pieces you wear are indeed imitations.

Utilize the best imitation jewellery stores you come across. They will cover such a range of beautiful costume pieces that you will not be able to believe that they are in fact paste. They are finely crafted and made to perfection so that they will not fall apart the first time you put them on. You may even find that you begin to prefer wearing the lighter cheaper silver such as the type available in and from India. They are often carved with fine reliefs and interesting charms. The trick is not to buy too cheap or you may be disappointed. Use imitations but try to buy the best you can afford.

There are a few very successful home business franchises which are sold on a personal or party basis to individuals through pretty catalogs. Most of the pieces are exquisite and they also make wonderful gifts for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions.

There are so many copies of precious and semi-precious stoned jewelry pieces, bracelets, necklaces, ankle bands, earrings, studs, broaches, hair pins or cuff-links and it is very difficult to tell the difference between them and the real thing.

Sapphires, emeralds and other semi-precious and precious stones can also be copied and look very much like the real thing especially if you go for quality mock stones. The secret is not too consider buying too cheap or you will definitely face disappointment in that they will lose their colors and will fall out of settings and such which is the last thing you want when you are dressing to impress. Be careful of imitation gold as well. You do not want it to look fake. There is nothing as ugly as a fake gold watch for example which shows every scratch and may flake off. Again, go for the most expensive imitation or plated gold that you can afford and you will not face embarrassment, especially if it is a gift.

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