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Top Online Mobile Games in Norway to try out this Christmas

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These seven Christmas themed mobile games will boost up the holiday spirit  high -

Christmas is a festival of joy and fun. However, there can be some boring alone times. That’s why you have to know the top Online games to try out this Christmas. Surfing the internet for Norwegian Christmas gift ideas to get gifts for your loved ones is also a form of killing boredom this Christmas.

Gaming in Norway has evolved rapidly as there are new games in the Norwegian games space among other innovative advancements in Norway like the ease of buying an iPhone in Norway.

Top Five Online Mobile Games in Norway to try out this Christmas

Clash of Clans 

When you play Clash of Clans, you can become addicted due to its interesting nature. In Clash of Clans, you can build your own base, organise and train your own troops to launch an attack against the enemies. There are some resources that make your base to be bigger as you play. Gold and some elixir will enable you to overcome the enemies in the game. 

In the beginning of Clash of Clans, you will be given a town hall, an army camp, a builder’s hut and an army camp. The game provides a tutorial that guides you through how to build your base, attack other bases, train troops and get new resources. It is important for you to follow the instructions on the screen to continue playing the game. The game will instruct you to use gems to upgrade your buildings, disregard the instructions and save the gems for later use. Clash of Clans is really interesting and easy to learn. It is a must-try for you this Christmas.

Grand Mafia 

Another game you must try this Christmas is the Grand Mafia. Grand mafia from the name is a strategy game. In this game, you borrow elements from a Mafia City and put players in control of a veteran underworld figure who is out to reclaim lost territory and establish himself as the supreme ruler of the entire city.

Its gameplay is similar to games like Rise of the Kings, War and Order, and Mafia City. This game is simple and easy to play and win. What you just have to do is to expand your base of operations by constructing new offices, upgrading existing ones, and hiring many hitmen. This game offers players a lot of freedom and time but it also pushes them to achieve objectives so they can cross to the next chapters. Try the game, you will enjoy it more when you try it by yourself.


Another top game to try out this Christmas in Norway is eatventure. Have you seen a game where you just have to keep eating to win? Eatventure is one. In this idle tycoon game Eatventure, you can open and complete increasingly complex and intriguing food venues, from a straightforward lemonade shop to grocery stores and more, by simply moving up the food ladder. To win on Eatventure, take note of the information below.

1. How to Advance 

To move up the ladder in Eatventure, you must totally upgrade your present site in order to move on to other sites in Eatventure. When customers approach your stand, your cashiers will collect their orders, prepare the food, and then serve it to them so they may pay. It’s the money you make that you will spend on other tasks that can enable you to move up the ladder quickly.

2. Upgrading

To upgrade on Eatventure, you must know how to spend your cash wisely. To generate more income, you can first upgrade the food preparation site. This will make more customers come to you and will generate more money because your food site will already be on level 10. The higher the level of your food site, the higher the number of attendants and the higher the number of customers that will come to you. 

3. Cards

When you complete sites in Eatventure, you receive free card boxes that, when opened, will give you a card that will help you in some way. These are strong playing cards that will be very helpful to you. Depending on the quality of the box you purchase, you can purchase cards with gems, the game’s premium currency, for 40 or 200 gems. The quality of the cards can be improved once you have a certain number of them.

4. Free Rewards

Eatventure gives you free rewards as you play but you must be conscious enough to claim the free coins everyday. They might hold the secret to a rapid ascension. Also, just like in many other mobile games, various ads will show up. You may view them. Watching them could help you advance much more quickly and support the owners.

Merge Miners 

Merge Miners APK is a casual-puzzle game where you take on the character of a miner who needs to dig his way to the bottom of an underground mine. As you advance, you’ll gain access to new tools that will speed up your mining exploits.

It also has a merging mechanic that enables you to combine resources and materials to create ones that are more valuable. When you play repeatedly with passion, you might get addicted to the game. 

If you enjoy mining/ puzzle games, Merge Miners APK is worth checking out this Christmas. The gameplay is fun, educating, interesting and engaging.

FIFA Mobile 

If you’re a football lover, the new FIFA Soccer should be an indispensable companion this Christmas. The new version released provides players with a brand new shot at aiming for the top and dominating the top leagues and game modes. Try it, it’s worth your time. 

Despite the amount of fun and interesting things about Christmas, playing games might be a lifesaver for you especially if you will be spending it alone. So, FIFA mobile, Clash of Clans, Merge Miners, Eatventure and Grand Mafia are all worth the try.

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