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What are the Most Famous Clothing Styles in Denmark?

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Denmark is widely known for its Viking history, rural leanings, and amazing architecture. Therefore it is not new to trendsetting. That is why many fashion statements, when traced back to the country, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Through some Danish company reviews, it is clear that Danish fashion trends embrace minimalism as much as they can. However, it would be wrong to think people do not excel with their casual approach. In this simplicity exists grace and sophistication. Comfort also influences the fashion trends you will find in Denmark. Therefore, let’s look at some fashion styles that have distinguished themselves as simply Danish.

The dress and denim combo

Denmark is known for its humid climate, which makes fashion be approached with a bit more caution. However, it doesn’t stop the citizens from wearing what they feel comfortable with. Therefore, it is common to spot dresses on jeans to make the most of the situation. This may seem wild, but that is why it is typically Danish.

The dress and denim combo usually features near-obsessive print mini and midi dresses and skinny jeans. You can go ahead and accessorize to match.

The print and print combo

Denmark’s love for print can be said to be overboard. But it is awe-inspiring and bold to see how people wear what they feel comfortable and happy in and make fashion statements in the process. This is the same with the print-on-print combination. It may seem jarring, but the Danes just know how to pull it off.

There are no rules for pattern-matching; the Danes love experimenting to find what works. You can mix stripes with dots and match colors such as blue on black, yellow, neon, or leopard. Brighter colors will make you stand out in the usually grey Danish atmosphere. You can check clothes reviews in Denmark to find fashion companies such as Ganni and Stine Goya and see their patterns.

Bucket hats

A bucket hat may seem like an ordinary piece of clothing to protect you from the cold, but it seems to be more than that for the Danes. They have turned the bucket hat into a fashionable statement. When it’s cold in the country, you will find the Danes spotting different types of bucket hats—from tweed to nylon.


Balaclavas are slowly making their way into Danish wardrobes. It is now common to find Danes wearing this knitted head warmer. And given the relatively cold climate, the balaclava is a welcome addition. Leandra Medine’s Instagram page has played a great role in this trend.


The bumbag is a fashion statement that is loved universally. Thus, it is not surprising to see the Danes going about with this piece of stylish accessory. And one good thing about the bumbag is that it is not restricted to a specific age. In Denmark, you would find the old and young equally rocking bumbags with reckless abandon. And they seem to go with all types of dressing, both luxurious and casual.


Some fashion styles are unique to certain regions, while others go beyond to become globally accepted. The ones listed above are some that are prevalent or unique in Denmark. You may try any of them if you haven’t.

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