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What is the difference between solid gold and gold fill? — Sharon Z Jewelry

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What is the difference between solid gold and gold fill? — Sharon Z Jewelry

Gold Plate

A slim layer of gold that is electroplated onto the outside the house of a piece of jewelry, ordinarily masking the total piece. The fundamental metallic can be pretty much just about anything, steel, brass, copper, etc. Gold plating can and likely will put on absent with regular use – particularly rings.

Gold Vermeil

Similar to gold plate, with just one Big exception which is that in purchase to be termed Vermeil, it must be sterling silver underneath the gold plating. Also, the layer of gold plating is normally thicker, with some exceptions. With vermeil, if and when the gold plating wears absent, you still have a piece that is reliable sterling beneath.

Why Choose A single vs. The Other?

Individuals who know my jewelry properly could possibly be wondering why I, as a designer, only use stable or karat gold and not gold fill, plate or vermeil.

Heaps of causes. I usually have loads of explanations.


The irritation that some jewellery-wearers get from brass? Me. I am a single of all those jewelry-wearers. Simply because of this, carrying gold fill irritates my piercings. That is cause adequate for me not to use any base metals, that way I can wear all the things that I make devoid of stressing.

Operating Properties

Operating with gold fill is type of fussy and as a product there are factors that you just can’t do with it the way that you can with gold. For instance, the texture that I use on my Willow Wedding day Rings entails scratching the surface deeply to produce that sample, and if I did that to gold fill, it would expose the base metallic beneath.

Gold fill can also be very finicky in the soldering system. A single modest misstep and you have to polish off discoloration from the soldering, which can take out too much gold and expose the base metal underneath.


I really like currently being in a position to soften down and recycled metals on my have, and gold fill and plated jewellery commonly needs to be refined by specialists. This is a extended approach and generally doesn’t end result in much return on the products. Additionally, I am aware of the components that I use – sourcing my stones very carefully, locating recycled and Fairmined metals, and I have some worries about the likely to waste gold when it is utilised only for plating.


When you look at that a strong gold piece can very last you a life span, but that gold fill and gold plate can don absent, then feel it or not, reliable gold gets to be a better buy more than the class of time.

If you think about that a gold plated piece will both need to have replating or will be discarded when the gold plating wears away, then the life span expense of proudly owning gold plated jewelry goes up in price tag. A piece of jewelry that is gold-plated about a base metallic will probable drop its gold plating and will a- discolor the entire piece, b – demand replating, therefore incorporating to the value of the piece or c – reveal the foundation metal underneath and could cause discomfort.

In earning my jewelry line, I purpose to generate pieces that can past you for a long time to arrive, with only occasional maintenance. Since of that, gold-plating doesn’t fit in to my function.

Are you a jewelry designer seeking to figure out which materials to perform with? Or a jewelry lover who desires steering when browsing for jewelry? Pop your concerns and reviews underneath and I will response!

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