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What the Kimberley Process Doesn’t Want You To Know — Sharon Z Jewelry

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What the Kimberley Process Doesn't Want You To Know — Sharon Z Jewelry

When a Summer months of 2021 conference of the Kimberley Method (KP) turned contentious, I identified hope.

This is not an endeavor to “discover a silver lining” in a awful predicament. I was nowhere near this assembly, have no associations to this group and only needle them on the internet on situation. But this time, for the moment, I noticed additional and a lot more people gathering online to accept what was taking place in front of our eyes. And that what is taking place is a direct resistance to accountability or oversight.

The KP resists oversight at just about every transform and in the course of action, they shoot themselves and the diamond industry in the foot. The Kimberley System Civil Modern society, an organization designed to give accountability to the KP, could not sway KP customers to maintain on their own accountable. Protecting against observers to an opaque approach like the KP will not make have confidence in and it turns the entire process into the punchline to a dark joke. In small, every single time the KP refuses accountability, a lab-grown diamond receives its wings.

You may imagine that I would truly feel frustrated or completely ready to throw in the towel, but no. I know that I am not alone in this any more. Additional than ever, jewelers, activists, consumers, and miners all-around the globe recognize this as a broken technique. And we are obtaining new methods to operate with each other exterior of it. Designers are embracing mine-to-market gemstones for their natural beauty and their transparency. Individuals are more eager than ever to find out the most moral jewellery they can discover. Businesses and activists are doing the job with mining communities to uncover new strategies to operate with each other. This all offers me hope for a future jewelry marketplace with fairness crafted right in.

The enthusiasm is there, the want for extra ethical diamonds is there, but the route to acquiring them is whole of road blocks. Clearing the path to a extra moral program necessitates transparency and political will. If they are unable to do it, then we will.

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https://www.kpcivilsociety.org/push/kimberley-method-civil-modern society-coalition-calls-for-urgent-field-motion-quit-the-ongoing-circulation-of-conflict-diamonds/


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