May 28, 2024


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Diamond Wedding Ring Trends: How to Choose the Right One

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Weddings are one of the most important events in a couple’s life. This is the stage where they will commit themselves to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Aside from gowns, catering, and entourage, choosing the preferred wedding ring is a top priority couples need to decide on.

Wedding rings symbolize the husband and wife’s unity. Choosing the perfect wedding ring is a big thing for preparing couples. They have to agree on what their wedding ring will be–will it be gold, platinum, thick or thin, and many other factors. Diamond wedding ring trends also change from time to time but the purpose remains the same. 

Wedding rings typically are plain with no designs or stones unlike engagement rings which are known to have diamonds in them. But due to the modernization and creativity of jewelry makers, it is now possible to have wedding rings that look as fancy as engagement rings. 

Here are Several Wedding Rings You Can Choose From:

  1. Wedding band ring 

This ring refers to the exchange of the common rings between the couple during the wedding ceremony. Both rings usually have the same designs and everything. The bond rings symbolize being one, that’s why they are both the same. The choices of these rings vary a lot depending on what the couple likes. 

  1. Pave ring 

This is also a pair of rings with accent stones. Can be used for engagement rings or wedding rings. 

  1. Bridal set 

This type of ring is already a combination of an engagement ring and a wedding ring. It’s all-in-one, so it is a practical choice if ever you choose this set.

Advantages of Purchasing Bridal Set:

  1. Convenient and simple 

It can save your time to canvas for your rings since you just have to choose a set and everything is already there. The engagement ring and your wedding rings are all there. 

  1. Designs are fantastic 

The engagement ring matches the woman’s wedding ring. The engagement ring is worn, and after the wedding, both rings can be worn together. Most bridal designs are unique.  

  1. Wide range of designs

Diamond bridal sets come in various settings of metals. Different tones are available as well as shapes and cuts. 

  1. Saves your budget

Instead of buying engagement and wedding rings separately. You can buy them as a set and might save you up to almost 25% to 50% of your budget. 

Common Types of Bridal Sets 

  • Halo set

This type of ring set design is surrounded by stones 

  • Yellow Gold ring sets

This type of set is a combination of yellow gold as a set with a diamond in the center. You can even select the size of the diamond you want to put on the setting. 

  • White gold bridal sets 

This type of ring is a combination of white gold as a set with a diamond in the center plus small diamonds on the half of the ring. 

  • Rose Gold Bridal set

This ring is made of rose gold setting and has a twisted look design embedded with micro pave diamonds. 

  • Platinum Bridal set 

The design of this ring is extravagant. It has usually three stones and princess shaped diamonds on its side. 

These are just several designs of Bridal sets but a wide variety of designs can be seen online and in physical stores. Designs can also be customized according to your choices of shape, settings, colors, and other factors that can make your bridal set perfect. This can make unique engagement rings and wedding rings as well. 

Here are Factors to Consider When Purchasing Bridal Sets:

Choose a shape that match 

Choosing shapes that match can make the appearance of your ring look better. Choosing a shape that doesn’t match can ruin your expectations. 

Choose the right metal for your Bridal sets

Several metals match diamonds when it comes to making rings. Make your choice a good one. Ask advice from experts if needed. Matching metals and diamonds can be hard. Jewelers will be willing to offer you good matches especially for customized sets. 

Choose a ring that is proportionate

The size, weight, and balance of the two rings are important. Rings that have a good proportion will result in a perfect finish. 

Consider all the factors necessary in choosing the best diamond wedding ring designs you and your partner desire. Being able to unite in choosing your wedding rings is one way to show that you both will have a good relationship ahead. Diamond wedding ring trends may continue to flourish but wedding goals will remain the same.